Vlineperol Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Vlineperol, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

The rising star in the world of bartending. Born on September 11th, 1999, in Fresno, California, She has honed her bartending skills since she was a teenager.

Now, at 24 years old, she has become a well-known name in the industry, with a growing fan base on Instagram.

With her passion for mixology and dedication to perfecting her craft, She has quickly established herself and shows no signs of slowing down.

But there is more to this talented young woman than her bartending skills. This comprehensive 2024 bio looks closer at age, career, family, net worth, and height.

Vlineperol Bio Wiki

NameAline Tongkhuya
ProfessionBartender and Mixologist
LocationFresno, CA
FocusInnovative Cocktail Creation and Mixology
AchievementsVarious Awards and Nominations in Mixology Competitions
ContributionMentorship and Education in Bartending Community
InterestsCocktail Photography, Videography, Popular Culture

Who is Vlineperol?

Vlineperol, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

She is a name swiftly carving its mark. Her presence is magnetic in the bustling world of bartending. Hailing from the vibrant city of Fresno, she brings a unique flair.

Her journey with mixology began early, showcasing her precocious talent. For her, this isn’t merely a job; it’s a passionate pursuit of art. Each cocktail she crafts tells a story, a testament to her creativity.

Beyond the shakers and spirits, She embodies dedication and hard work. Her Instagram is a window into her world, attracting fans and aspiring mixologists.

She inspires, proving that age is but a number in achieving one’s dreams. Her path from a teenage enthusiast to a professional bartender is remarkable. She is not just a name to remember but a force to reckon with in the mixology scene.

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Vlineperol Education

Her journey through academia is as vibrant as her cocktails. She attended a local high school in Fresno, where her creativity began to shine. Post-graduation, she pursued further education at a community college.

Here, she balanced her studies with her burgeoning interest in bartending. Although not directly related to mixology, her coursework honed her business acumen. It provided her with the tools to navigate the competitive industry.

She has always been a firm believer in continuous learning. To refine her skills, she frequently enrolls in workshops and seminars. Her dedication to education underscores her belief in evolving as a professional.

This commitment sets her apart in the bustling world of bartending. She attributes much of her success to the foundation laid by her academic pursuits. Indeed, her education journey mirrors her approach to mixology: thorough, innovative, and constantly evolving.

Vlineperol Family

Her family roots are deeply embedded in Fresno. Her parents, both entrepreneurs, instilled in her a strong work ethic, which she often credits with her relentless drive.

Growing up, She was the middle child of three siblings. Her bond with her family is a cornerstone of her success. Holidays and family gatherings often turned into impromptu mixology sessions.

Her family supported her interest in bartending from the start. They saw her passion and encouraged her to pursue it professionally. Her older brother, an amateur chef, often collaborates with her on pairing drinks with food.

Her younger sister, still in high school, admires her as a role model. Together, they embody a tight-knit unit, cheering each other on. Their encouragement was pivotal in her early bartending competitions.

Her family is more than just her background. They are her biggest fans and support system and an integral part of her journey in the bartending world.

Vlineperol’s Early Life and Background

Growing up in Fresno offered her unique experiences. Her hometown’s rich cultural tapestry influenced her profoundly. She often reminisced about Fresno’s vibrant food scene.

It sparked her initial interest in flavors and mixology. From a young age, She was known for her curiosity. She would mix household items, pretending to create new drinks.

Her parents recognized this creative spark early on. They encouraged her exploration, which fueled her passion further. At school events, she often volunteered at refreshment stands.

Here, she learned the basics of serving and presentation. During the summers, she attended local culinary fairs, which enriched her understanding of culinary arts.

They laid the groundwork for her future in bartending. Her early life in Fresno was more than just a backdrop. The fertile soil nurtured her dreams, dreams that would take her far beyond her hometown’s boundaries.

Vlineperol Children

She does not have children at this moment. Her focus is squarely on her career. She dedicates herself to balancing life as a professional bartender, a craft that demands attention, creativity, and continuous learning.

Thus, her personal life, specifically regarding parenthood, is on hold. This decision mirrors her commitment to her profession. It highlights a journey centered on self-growth and ambition.

She cherishes her role as an aunt to her sibling’s children. She finds joy and a different kind of fulfillment in them. They are often featured on her social media, where she shares light moments.

This facet of her life showcases a balance of work and family time. It reflects her ability to nurture relationships outside of motherhood. Her stance on children is clear for now. Her journey is an evolving narrative, with chapters yet to be written.

Vlineperol’s Husband/boyfriend

She keeps her romantic life private. She often shares glimpses of her adventures but remains coy about her significant other. Rumors swirl in the air, whispering of a mystery man.

Fans speculate, piecing together social media clues. There is a shadow in her stories and a laugh in her videos. She smiles, a tease in her eyes, secrets untold. She values her personal space, a sanctuary amidst her public life.

Like her cocktails, her relationships are complex and layered. Close friends know the truth, and her circle is tight and trusted. Publicly, she focuses on her career, her passion at the forefront.

Yet, love is a private cocktail she savors. In time, she may share her heart’s story. For now, Her love life remains a compelling mystery.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements And Physical Appearance

HeightIn Meter: 1.51min Feet: 4 Feet 11 Inches
WeightIn Kilogram: 45KgIn Pound: 99lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Vlineperol Ethnicity

  • Her ethnicity is a blend of diverse cultures.
  • Her rich heritage contributes to her unique outlook.
  • With parents from mixed backgrounds, she celebrates diversity.
  • Fresno’s multicultural environment influenced her greatly.
  • She often infuses cultural elements into her bartending.
  • Vlineperol’s mixology includes flavors from around the world.
  • This diversity is not just in her drinks but also in her persona.
  • Her cocktails are a tribute to her multicultural background.
  • Vlineperol’s ethnicity is a critical ingredient in her success.
  • It’s this blend that makes her stand out in bartending.
  • Through her work, she connects cultures, one drink at a time.

Vlineperol TRIVIA

  1. She can mix a cocktail blindfolded.
  2. Her first drink creation was at age 15.
  3. Vlineperol owns over 50 types of cocktail shakers.
  4. She is known for her signature “Fresno Fizz” cocktail.
  5. She has a pet parrot named Mixer.
  6. Mixer sometimes appears in her Instagram posts.
  7. She can name over 100 cocktails by memory.
  8. Her favorite spirit is a rare Japanese whiskey.
  9. She participated in a bartending marathon for charity.
  10. She collects vintage cocktail glasses from around the world.
  11. Her dream is to bartend in zero gravity.
  12. Vlineperol once hosted a mixology workshop underwater.
  13. Her go-to relaxation technique is ice sculpture carving.
  14. She loves incorporating edible flowers into her drinks.
  15. She’s a fan of silent classic movies.
  16. Often volunteers at local food festivals.
  17. Her Instagram started as a mixology diary.
  18. She’s known for her vibrant, thematic cocktail attire.

Before Fame

Fresno’s sun-drenched streets were the first playground. Her childhood brimmed with zest, much like her future cocktails. Early on, creativity coursed through her veins.

Household items weren’t just things but ingredients for her next concoction. School fairs became her stage, and refreshments were her domain: a young, barely a teenager, mixed flavors with an eager hand.

Her parents watched, their pride swelling, as their daughter’s passion bloomed. Culinary fairs were her summer camps, and each visit sparked a new idea; these weren’t just outings but lessons in taste and aroma.

Her curiosity was insatiable, her ambition already stirring. Each experience, each flavor, was a stepping stone. Before fame, before Instagram followers, there was a girl in Fresno.

She dreamed big, mixed boldly, and embarked on a journey. This was the prelude to her mixology symphony, a melody of flavors waiting to be composed.


Vlineperol, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Her career trajectory is as colorful as her cocktails. She started mixing drinks professionally in her late teens, and her unique creations quickly gained attention. Her initial platforms were local bars and events.

Here, she showcased her mixology prowess. Word of her talent spread through Fresno and beyond. Social media amplified her reach, attracting a global audience. She soon became a sought-after name in bartending circles.

She has hosted workshops and judged competitions. Each event added to her experience, refining her skills. Her signature drink, the “Fresno Fizz,” became a sensation. Bars across the country now feature it on their menus.

Collaborations with renowned brands followed, elevating her status. Today, She is not just a bartender. She is a mixology influencer and a trendsetter in the drink industry.

Her career is a testament to where passion and hard work can lead. It’s a journey marked by creativity, dedication, and continuous growth.


Vlineperol, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024
  • She finds solace in exploring nature trails.
  • She often captures breathtaking landscapes on her camera.
  • Gardening is another peaceful retreat for her.
  • She cultivates an array of exotic herbs for her cocktails.
  • She dedicates time to perfecting her ice sculpture art.
  • Yoga and meditation keep her centered and focused.
  • Cycling through Fresno’s streets offers her fresh inspiration.
  • She experiments with creating homemade bitters and syrups.
  • Attending live music events fuels her creative energy.
  • Traveling is crucial; she seeks out local drinking cultures.
  • Vlineperol enjoys hosting small, intimate dinner parties.
  • She practices flair bartending, always adding a personal twist.
  • Puzzle-solving sharpens her problem-solving skills.
  • Lastly, she loves star gazing, finding patterns in the chaos.

Favourite things

  • Her go-to drink is different from what you’d expect.
  • Surprisingly, it’s a classic cup of black coffee.
  • She treasures a well-worn book on cocktail history.
  • Vintage vinyl records fill her home with nostalgic sounds.
  • Her kitchen boasts an impressive collection of rare spices.
  • She’s partial to sundown picnics in Fresno’s lush parks.
  • I’m a fan of silent films, particularly those featuring Chaplin.
  • Her cherished attire? A cocktail dress from the ’50s era.
  • She finds joy in crafting handwritten letters to friends.
  • On weekends, you’ll find her at local farmers’ markets.
  • She adores hiking, especially in California’s majestic redwoods.
  • Her playlist includes jazz classics and contemporary indie tracks.
  • She’s fascinated by the art of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.
  • Nothing beats a road trip along California’s scenic coastlines.
  • Her favorite dessert is a homemade lavender-infused lemon cake.

Fun Facts

  • She can whistle any cocktail recipe tune.
  • She mastered the art of fire breathing for shows.
  • Her first cocktail experiment used only garden herbs.
  • She has a knack for ice skating, which is a winter hobby.
  • She once bartended on a moving train for charity.
  • Dreams of creating a cocktail-themed amusement park.
  • Holds a record for fastest cocktail mixing in Fresno.
  • She secret talent? She’s a skilled ventriloquist.
  • She created a drink inspired by her favorite sci-fi movie.
  • She practices archery on weekends as a sharpshooter.
  • She loves astronomy and names drinks after constellations.
  • Her bike is custom-painted with cocktail and bar motifs.
  • She has a collection of antique bar spoons.
  • Vlineperol is secretly a fan of competitive eating shows.

Net Worth

Vlineperol’s journey in the world of mixology and her burgeoning presence as an influencer has significantly impacted her financial status.

Her ventures, from hosting workshops and participating in high-profile bartending competitions to collaborations with renowned brands, have all contributed to her income streams.

Her signature cocktail, the “Fresno Fizz,” has been widely adopted, further solidifying her mark in the industry.

Additionally, her substantial social media influence has opened up opportunities for sponsored content, adding another layer to her revenue generation.

Given these diverse sources of income, Her net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. This figure reflects her bartender skills, creativity, and savvy understanding of branding and market dynamics.

Her ability to blend the art of mixology with strategic business acumen has set her apart, making her one of the most successful young professionals in her field.

Frequently Asked Question

How did Vlineperol get started in bartending?

Vlineperol’s interest in bartending began in her early teenage years. She mixed drinks at school events and explored Fresno’s vibrant food scene, and her curiosity and creativity led her to pursue bartending professionally.

What is Vlineperol’s signature cocktail?

Her signature cocktail is the “Fresno Fizz,” which has gained popularity and is now featured in bars nationwide.

Does Vlineperol offer mixology workshops?

Vlineperol hosts workshops and has participated in judging bartending competitions and sharing.

Is Vlineperol active on social media?

Vlineperol has a significant presence on Instagram, where she shares insights into her bartending adventures and attracts fans and aspiring mixologists.

Does Vlineperol have any pets?

Yes, she has a pet parrot named Mixer, who occasionally appears in her Instagram posts.


In conclusion, Vlineperol’s life is rich and varied. He has achieved significant accomplishments through a successful career, a loving family, and a solid net worth.

Despite reaching a certain age, Vlineperol continues to thrive personally and professionally. Standing tall at a commendable height, Vlineperol exemplifies resilience and determination.

As time progresses, Vlineperol’s legacy remains strong, leaving a lasting impact on those around them.

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